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Both the documentation and the api are work in progress

If anything feels wrong, do not hesitate to provide your feedback on our github repo: so we can improve before first release


FUZD packages

FUZD is built as a set of packages:


This is the package that perform the delayed execution and decrypt the payload when possible. It then defers execution to an execution api


This is a execution api provided as part of FUZD, that make use of a very simple mechanism to perform execution on behalf of ethereum account


This is a commin library used by the other fuzd-packages


This package allow to accept Drand encrypted payload and decrypt them as transaction to be executed


Auxiliary Packages

There is also auxiliary packages you ll find in this repo:


This package provide a mechanism by which a remote-account can be controlled by a local account. Used by the fuzd-executor to perform paid tx.

FUZD platforms

FUZD can run on any platform that support javascript. FUZD aims to provide basic setup for some


This package provide a basic implementation of FUZD api as a cloudflare worker.

It provided both the scheduler and execution api